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People with passion

Condor Travel’s multicultural team spans South America. If there’s one thing we have in common, it’s our passion for what we do. As a regional company with offices in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia, each of our in-country teams is committed to crafting unique experiences that tap into their local know-how and insight. Drawing on over forty years of experience, whether you’re looking to offer innovating trips that take in the dramatic scenery of the Andes or the glistening shores of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, you’ll get to work directly with the experts. With team members across the region and located globally, it’s easy to get in touch with us. Contact us today.

Stefan Dapper

Executive President, Expertia Travel Group

Sammy Niego

Director of the Board, Expertia Travel Group

Jimena Barrera

Peru General Director

Jascivan Carvalho

Regional Director Condor

Marcelo Llorente

MICE Regional Manager

Lorena Serpa

Iberoamerica Director (LATAM, Spain & Portugal)

Susan Saco-Vertiz

Europe Sales Director

Annie Wang

Chinese-Market Director

Amy Chávez

North America Sales Director

Miriam Iwamoto

Asia Pacific Sales Director

Maria Eugenia de Aliaga

Marketing & Product Director

Ines Valenzuela

Product Manager

Maria Eugenia Valdelomar

Costs and Negotiations Director

Fiorella Mendoza

Latin America Market Manager (Brazil, Chile and Argentina)

Stephen Pajuelo

NorthAmerica Market Manager, West Coast

Angel Grandez

Regional Operations Manager Peru

Jascivan Carvalho

Country Manager

Diego Escobarc

Commercial Manager

Cristina Serrano

Sales Manager

Silvia Fiallos

Operations Manager

Stephanie Pajuelo

Country Manager

Bastian Palma

Commercial Manager

Angélica Navarro

Sales Manager

Marcello Patelli

Country Manager

Carlos Moutinho

Commercial Manager

Rodrigo Grisi

Country Manager Bolivia

Sebastian Grisi

Commercial Manager

Pedro Rios

Operations Manager

Martin Perez

Country Manager

Damian Alvarez

Commercial Manager

Bianca Villar

Operations Manager

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