Toro Toro National Park

3 Days / 2 Nights



Toro Toro National Park 3 Days / 2 Nights

From Cochabamba we will have a pleasant trip of 3 hours up to Toro Toro.

In the afternoon, you will visit 7 Vueltas, considered the largest fossil site of aquatic species. At first sight it is possible to prove the existence of algae, sponges, corals, brachiopods, bivalves, gastropods and cephalopods, which correspond to the Paleozoic Era.

Includes: Lunch and dinner.

Accommodation at the Villa Etelvina hotel, basic.

The meaning of Umalajanta is water that is lost in the ground. It is located 8 km from the village and is one of the largest caves in Bolivia, with an extension of 7kms. Visiting this cave is a real adventure, because you have to pass through several obstacles so that you can see stalactites, stalagmites and blind fish.


Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don't forget to bring a lantern, clothes and shoes, rope and; especially, do not be afraid of the dark. Accommodation at the Villa Etelvin hotel (basic).

An attraction that will let you descend into the depths of the canyon of Toro Toro is without doubt Vergel or WacaSinga (cow nose in quechua), a waterfall of crystal water flow that goes through a wall of rock covered with mosses, ferns and other species of trees that make the environment a landscape worthy of a postcard. In the afternoon, return to Cochabamba.


Includes: Breakfast and Lunch. 

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