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Adventure and nature tourism on Valdes Peninsula and Bustamante Bay - Argentina


Points of interest:

- Puerta Madryn

- Bustamante Bay


Day 1: Transfer airport-Hotel Territorio and visit to El Doradillo

Transfer from the airport to the Hotel Territorio. Expect a warm welcome upon arrival. After settling in, a delicious lunch will be served at the bar. In the afternoon, there is an excursion to the El Doradillo protected natural area, about 12 kilometers from Puerto Madryn on the coast. June to November is the Southern right whale watching season since these waters are their breeding grounds. The best thing is that you don’t have to take ship to see these animals since the whales swim very close to the beaches, where you can literally see them just meters from the shoreline.

On the way back to Puerto Madryn, there is a stop at the Ecocentro, a prestigious cultural center devoted to highlighting the marine ecosystem of Patagonia. You can see works of art and read books about the regional coastal waters, peer into the deep blue sea, and even look into the eyes of a 15-meter whale as it sings its songs.

Once back at the hotel, take some time to relax at the spa.

Overnight and dinner at the Hotel Territorio.

Day 2: Whale watching and Estancia Las Charas (Argentine ranch)

Today will begin bright and early as you hit the road towards Puerto Piramides, a small town within the Valdes Peninsula Natural Reserve. There will be a 1.5-hour boat ride and whale watching tour. Later that day, you will visit the Estancia Las Charas, which is also in the reserve. Get ready for an excellent lunch in the ranch house that is perched on a hill overlooking the fields and the Nuevo Gulf coast. Once lunch is done, go and hike the trails in the ranch, observe a colony of sea lions, look for sea birds, or even search for fossils. With the ranch visit over, you will head back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation at the spa.

Overnight and dinner at the Hotel Territorio.

Day 3: Southern Nuevo Gulf: El Pedral safari

Today’s destination is the southern end of Nuevo Gulf and the Punta Ninfas Lighthouse, an important landmark for any ships entering the gulf. The beaches around Punta Ninfas are the breeding grounds for elephant seals and sea lions.

Next stop is El Pedral, another traditional ranch which is also a museum. It was founded at the beginning of the 20 th century, and the building materials and furnishings were shipped from Europe to the nearby coast, where they were offloaded and brought to this spot. After the museum tour, you will visit a Magellanic penguin colony, walking among the nests to get up close and personal with these birds. Lunch of Patagonian lamb will be served at the ranch’s barbecue pit, and afterwards you can strike off on the trails or enjoy a Welsh tea before returning to Puerto Madryn.

The afternoon is for leisure time and relaxing at the spa.

Overnight and dinner at the Hotel Territorio.

Day 4: Bustamante Bay

After breakfast, you will depart for the ranch, Bustamante Bay, located 300 km south of Valdes Peninsula. Welcome and lunch at the former supply house, today the ranch’s restaurant. In the afternoon, there is a walking tour the town to learn more about its history, its founders, and its inhabitants. You will also visit the seaweed harvesting facilities, and the knowledgeable guide can describe the different types of seaweed species, their uses, and gathering techniques.

The activities for the upcoming days will depend on the weather and the tides.

Overnight and dinner at Bustamante Bay.

Day 5: Boat ride and Cape Aristizabal

The morning is set aside for a tour of Caleta Malaspina on the ship, Atrevida, that will speed over the seaweed fields in this cove. It is highly likely that you will see plenty of harvesting boats on this trip. The boat will sail into deeper waters towards a small archipelago. Afterwards, it will head to Roca Malaspina, an islet that is home to a colony of cormorants and another of sea lions. The last point of interest is the Vernacci Archipelago. There will be plenty of chances to see steamer ducks, penguins, sea lions and many other types of wildlife.

The afternoon plan is a road trip in 4X4 vehicles to Cape Aristizabal that juts out into the ocean. The waters around it are very rough, and its beaches are covered in stones. But there is plenty of interesting wildlife and sights. Keep your eyes peeled on the road for such animals as Darwin’s rheas, Patagonian maras (rodent), armadillos, and a wide variety of birds since this area is quite remote. The vehicles will stop at the Aristizabal Lighthouse, and you will disembark, hiking to a spot where there are sea lions resting. You can also observe oystercatchers and their nests, skuas, sheathbills, gulls, cormorants, and petrels.

Overnight and dinner at Bustamante Bay.

Day 6: Petrified forest, Graviña Peninsula, and Pingüino Island.

Another 4X4 adventure is scheduled for today, this time to the La Piramide petrified forest. It will be like a trip back in time, 60 million years in the past, where there are different fossilized trees. You will strike off on a path that follows a fence until reaching “La Piramide” (pyramid). Stopping here will give you the sense of utter isolation, surrounded by the silence and immensity of the Patagonian wilderness. Returning to the vehicles, you may be lucky enough to spot flocks of guanacos.

Graviña Peninsula and the nearby coast are the afternoon destination. You will drive in 4X4 vehicles and then trek these areas. The sandy beaches are quite lovely and sheltered from the sea breeze by reddish rock formations that form a striking contrast to the blue Atlantic waters. A visit to Pingüino Island is also scheduled. This small island is home to a colony of Magellenic penguins.

You will cross to the island from the continent along a spit of land at low tide, an amazing experience! Once there, you will be able to walk among the nests and see the penguins up close. Other wildlife species include the Darwin’s rhea, Patagonia mara, and armadillo.

Overnight and dinner at Bustamante Bay.

Day 7: Transfer from Bustamante Bay to the airport.

Important: All Bustamante Bay activities are subject to change depending on the weather and tides. The guide will

decide when the activities will take place. While in Bustamante Bay, passengers will have leisure time to enjoy the

ocean, take long walks, ride bikes, and have fun in the game room.



Service includes:

- Lodging and full board at Hotel Territorio and Bustamante Bay.

- Above-described activities with a bilingual guide (Spanish and English).

- Transfer in private vehicle

- Tickets to the Ecocentro and Valdes Peninsula Natural Reserve.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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