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Puerto Maldonado - Peru


Day 1: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion-Concepcion Trails-Nightime on the river

The journey starts the moment you arrive at Puerto Maldonado and are taken to the Inkaterra Lounge (butterfly garden). You will be welcomed and provided the necessary information for your stay. After a few hours, you will be driven to the city's waterfront, where you will board a boat and take a trip down the Madre de Dios River (roughly 25 minutes) to the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion. A delicious buffet lunch awaits, and you will simply love the organically grown ingredients and local flavors. Next on the itinerary is a hike along the Concepcion Trails, which crisscross the lodge's property. On the excursion, you will discover and learn about primary and secondary forests, what makes them up, their uses, how they have been changed by human intervention, and their importance for the planet. As the sun goes down, you will take to the river again for an interesting night time boat ride, sailing down the Madre de Dios River, observing the ecosystem, Amazonian valleys, local animal behavior, and constellations of the southern hemisphere. Later on, there is a wonderful dinner prepared for you at the Casa Grande dining room.

Day 2: Tambopata National Reserve-Canopy Walkway

Today, you are in for a real treat. After a nutritious breakfast, you will get ready for a long hike in the Tambopata National Reserve, reaching the shores of Lake Sandoval. This experience will teach you why Madre de Dios is called the biodiversity capital of Peru. You will see the conservation works being conducted at the reserve, learn how the lake was formed, and sail upon it in a canoe. It is the home to the endangered giant otter, the blue and yellow macaw, the howler monkey, the black caiman, and one of the world's largest scaled freshwater fish, the paiche. Returning to the lodge, you will eat lunch, and later in the afternoon experience something extraordinary: the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway and Anaconda hike. It begins with a 20 minute outboard canoe ride to the Inkaterra Canopy interpretation center where you will learn about how the canopy was built as well as the NGO, Inkaterra Association (ITA), projects. Next, you will climb one of the two 30 meter towers and cross seven interconnected hanging bridges that cross the tree tops at an elevation of 28 meters. From here, you will gain a majestic view of the surrounding area and, if you are lucky, you may spy a red billed toucan, hummingbirds, surucua trogons, squirrel monkeys, and a three toed sloth. After you climb down, you will continue feeling the incredible energy of the primary forest while walking down a 200 meter wooden bridge across the swamps filled with aguaje palm trees. Awaiting you at the lodge is a fantastic and energizing dinner.

Day 3: Cachuela clay lick-Tierra Adentro clay lick-Excursion down Cocha River-Hidden Jungle

It's a new day, and after an early buffet breakfast, it's time to get ready for the outing to the Cachuela clay lick, that starts with another ride down the Madre de Dios River on an outboard motor canoe and ends at the Cachuela clay lick. This is a fantastic opportunity for bird lovers since they will be able to see parrots and parakeets, like the blue-headed parrot and the cobalt-winged parakeet, as well as other true parrots (Psittacoidea). You will learn about the importance and the benefits of the clay lick, while enjoying a one of a kind bird watching activity. On the way back to the lodge is another fascinating clay lick experience at one of our four clay licks, Tierra Adentro, which is about a 15 to 20 minute walk in the property. There, you will learn about the animals' activities and the differences between them according to their location. You will search the cliff walls for tracks and signs of agoutis, monkeys, peccaries, and other species. Back at the lodge, you will eat lunch and then in the afternoon head off for another adventure, this time an enjoyable canoe ride on the Hacienda Concepcion cocha (an oxbow lake). You can try your hand at the native fishing technique of catch and release as well as appreciate the landscape and observe animals like hoatzins, flycatchers, and grey-necked wood rails. The final stop on this excursion is the resting place of the steam ship, Fitzcarraldo. At night, get ready for the Hidden Jungle adventure, where you will explore the rainforest at the time nocturnal animals are active. You will see some animals that have developed intriguing behaviors and sharpened their senses as a means of adaptation. You will also hear the nighttime sounds of nature as you move deeper into this hidden world. At the end of the day is a pleasant dinner.

Day 4: Departure

Your day begins with a nutritious buffet breakfast before you head back up river to Puerto Maldonado, where you will stay at the Inkaterra lounge (butterfly garden). You will relax and calmly wait for you flight home or to your next destination, visiting this beautiful butterfly garden where you will learn about the fascinating transformation of these colorful insects which reproduce in our laboratory.

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