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Journey to the Puna - Argentina



- City Tour

- Folkloric Peña

- Tolar Grande

- Antofagasta

- Cafayate


Day 1:

- Transfer from Salta Airport to hotel.

- City Tour Salta

Tour through the most attractive places of the city: Cathedral-Basilica, Las Americas Cultural Center, Museo Histórico del Norte (Historical Museum of the North) (Town Council), Basílica Menor de San Francisco, San Bernardo Convent, Monument to Güemes, ascent to San Bernardo Hill and its panoramic view of the city, visit to San Lorenzo summer village on the outskirts of the city with its subtropical microclimate and Mercado Artesanal (Craft Market), where arts and crafts are exposed with certification of origin of the whole province.

Dinner at local folkloric peña.

Accommodation in Salta.

Day 2:

- Salta Tour / Tolar Grande

After breakfast, we will go bound for Tolar Grande. We will begin the tour through Quebrada del Toro (ravine), National Route 51 accompanying by steps the tracks of the recognized Train to the Clouds. In our tour, we will make a stop in paraje Alfarcito (site) to admire the landscape and the Father Chifri’s work. Our next stop is Ruinas de Tastil and then continue the journey to San Antonio de los Cobres at 3775 masl.

After lunch in San Antonio de los Cobres, we will go to Tolar Grande and the first stop will be the impressive La Polvorilla viaduct a 60 meters high and 223.5 meters long. Afterwards, we will continue until the highest point of the tour: Abra de Chorrilos at 4600 masl. Then we will start our descent passing through the Salar de Pocitos (saline land), Los Colorados, el desierto del Diablo (Devil's Desert) and las siete curvas (seven curves), characteristic locations for their colorful landscapes and formations.

Well be arriving at Tolar Grande in the afternoon.

Dinner at local restaurant.

Accommodation in Tolar Grande.

Day 3:

- Tour Tolar Grande / Mina la Casualidad / Mina Julia / Tolar Grande/ Arenal / Ojos de mar.

We’ll start the day with a sky worthy to be photographed. We leave for Mina la Casualidad and Julia crossing the huge Salar de Arizaro. We’ll visit the Caipe railway station.

After enjoying our box lunch, we’ll go back to Tolar Grande. In the afternoon or early in the morning of the following day before leaving, we’ll visit the biological reserve ojos de Mar to admire its beauty and to know the stromatolites, cellular structures of 3500 millions of years.

Dinner at local restaurant.

Accommodation in Tolar Grande.

Day 4:

- Tour Tolar Grande / Cono de Arita / Antofallita / Antofalla / Vega Colorada / Quebrada de Calalaste / Real Grande /

Antofagasta de la Sierra.

We leave the magical town Tolar Grande to head for Antofagasta de la Sierra. On this stretch of 240 km, we'll get through the Salar de Arizaro and then visit an icon of the Puna’s landscape: cono de Arita. We'll continue our trip entering to Catamarca, where the landscape will surprise us in every kilometer travelled. We'll pass by Campo Amarillo, Oasis de Antofallita and then we'll have lunch in Antofalla. After lunch, we’ll continue the trip through Salar de Antofalla, vega colorada and quebrada de Calalaste, where we'll be surprised by the abundance of native fauna. Before we get to Antofagasta, we’ll visit Real Grande, where we can appreciate petroglyphs in the Inca Trail.

Dinner at local restaurant.

Accommodation in Antofagasta.

Day 5:

- Tour Campo de Piedra Pómez / Laguna Grande.

After breakfast, we leave for the imposing piedra pómez desert, unique in the world. There we can enjoy a walking, which will surprise us in every corner, inviting us to discover a little more of this landscape. After enjoy the morning, we will taste an appetizer in a natural environment with products of the area. In the afternoon, we’ll visit Laguna Grande at 45 km from the Peñón (crag) to appreciate the flora, fauna and landscapes of Altiplanic Lagoons.

Dinner at local restaurant.

Accommodation in Antofagasta.

Day 6:

- Tour Antofagasta de la Sierra / Hualfin / Santa María / Cafayate

We leave the Puna to get into valleys and ravines bound for Cafayate, the land of wine and sun. We'll get through Barraca Larga, Villa Vil and Hualfin villages, the cuesta de Rondolfo surprises us with very high yellow dunes. After midday, we'll arrive at Cafayate where we stop for lunch and visit a local bodega.

Dinner at local restaurant.

Accommodation in Cafayate

Day 7:

- Tour Cafayate / Salta

In the last day of the trip, according to the itinerary of the passengers, a schedule shall be established to undertake the last leg of the journey to Salta through the Quebrada de Las Conchas. Throughout it, we'll be able to see the formations created by wind and water over millions of years (Garganta del Diablo, Anfiteatro, Los Castillos, Casa de Loros, el Fraile, las Ventanas, la Yesera, el Obelisco, el Sapo, and los Médanos). After we've got through La Viña, Coronel Moldes, El Carril, La Merced and Cerrillos villages, we will reach the Salta Airport.



*Transfers and excursions: Vehicle 4x4, tour according to the itinerary, subject to any changes according to weather conditions. Driver / guide, Spanish / English.

* Accommodation: 6 nights: 01 night Salta. Hotel 4*. 02 nights Tolar Grande, Accommodation-community tourism. 02 nights Antofagasta, bed-and- breakfast. 01 nights Cafayate. Hotel 3*

*Dinners: 01 dinner at peña. 05 dinners at local restaurant. 01 lunch–style appetizer. 02 box lunch. 03 Lunch at local restaurant. All meals include non-alcoholic drinks.

Breakfasts, snacks, water.

*Starters not included.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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