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Chachapoyas, a paradise to discover - Peru


Day 1: Chiclayo

You will arrive at the city of Chiclayo for a visit to one of Peru's most modern and largest museums: the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, where they display exquisite Mochican artifacts. The Mochica were a powerful Pre-Incan culture that flourished on Peru's northern coastal region. The prize exhibit at the museum is the tomb of the Señor de Sipan (Lord of Sipan), this civilization's main monarch. You will lodge at Casa Andina hotel.

Day 2: Chiclayo - Chachapoyas

You will be driven from Chiclayo to the city of Chachapoyas on a route that crosses the coastal desert and climbs over the Andes. On the other side of the mountains, you will descend to the Uctubamba Canyon, where you will eat lunch. The night's lodgings are at the Gocta Andes Lodge.

Day 3: Optionals

Option 1:
Gocta Falls
The day trip begins at the small town of Cocachimba, which is en route to Gocta Falls, the world's third largest after Angel Falls in Venezuela and Tugela Falls in South Africa. You will have to walk 5 kilometers to reach the site of the waterfall on a trail that cuts through thick vegetation, but the effort is well worth it for you are rewarded with a wonder of nature set within a lovely locality. Afterwards, you return to the hotel.

Option 2.
Karajia and Quiocta Cave
Your first stop is the town of Cruzpata, which is the launching point for the hike to the Karajia sarcophagi, 1000 year old tombs embedded at the top of a cliff. Each sarcophagus stands almost 2 meters tall, are made of mud, and decorated with geometric shapes. You will eat lunch afterwards, and then it's off to Quiocta Cave, a major natural attraction in the town of Lamud. The cave is extremely interesting, from an archeological and geological point of view, because of its location. There are cave paintings, usually shapeless, as well as animal and human bones at the cave entrance. The remains are a constant throughout the first section of the cave since the Chachapoyas used caves for burial sites. The first cave formations are seen nearly 300 meters from the mouth of the cave, including stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, columns, and gours.You will spend the night at Casa Andina Chachapoyas.

Day 4: Kuelap

Today you will head off to Kuelap, a major archeological site built by the Chachapoyas. It is a massive stone structure located at the top of a 3000 meter tall mountain. It is located on the left bank of the Uctubamba River in the Province of Luya. Experts place its construction at around 1000 A.D., which coincides with the golden age of the Chachapoyas culture. In their native language, Kuelap means "cold place", and while this site is in the rainforest, it enjoys a temperate climate, dry during the day with extreme drops in temperature at night.

Though some scholars believe Kuelap was a fortress, Peruvian archeologist Federico Kauffmann Doig claims it was a hub for managing food production and for religion. Some think it was merely a fortified city.
You will spend the night at Casa Andina Chachapoyas.

Day 5: Chachapoyas-Chiclayo

You will be transferred to Chiclayo by way of the Uctubamba River and the Marañon River. You will spend the night at Casa Andina Select Chiclayo.

Day 6: Chiclayo

You will go to the airport.

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