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Mysteries of the Nazca Lines and the Paracas National Reserve - Peru


Day 1: NazcaDepart for Ica – Nazca Lines overflight

You will be taken to the bus station where you will board your bus to

Paracas(a trip of roughly 4 hours). When you reach the city, you will be driven to the local airport of Pisco(45 minutes away) for your flight over the incredible Nazca Lines, drawn on the pampas of the same name. You will see several figures of stylized plants and animals drawn in an enormous labyrinth of straight lines, trapezoids, triangles, and spirals scattered about the desert floor that has remained preserved for about 2000 years. After the overflight, you will have the rest of the day to yourself to.
Accomodations for the night in Paracas.

Day 2: Paracas- Ballestas Islands - Return to Lima

You will set out early in the morning for the Paracas Bay. There, you board a motorboat and take a roughly two hour ride to the Ballestas Islands, located off the coast from the Paracas National Reserve, the largest natural sanctuary on the Peruvian coast. These two beautiful islands are home to thousands of migratory birds that share their habitat with colonies of bellowing sea lions. Along the way to the island, you will see a mysterious design, called the Candelabra, drawn on a side of a sand dune. When the time is right, you will return to Lima by bus and, once there, be transferred to your hotel.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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