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Easter Island: Adrenaline in Rapa Nui - Chile


Day 1:

Arrival at the airport & transfer to the hotel

The day begins with the excursion "Touring the island on horseback".

Before starting the ride, you will be equipped with boots and helmets, escorted by your guide and another person in charge of the horses.

The horseback ride route may vary depending on the physical conditions of the group and interests. It could start in the Ahu Tahai area, an important ceremonial and archaeological site; to continue to Ahu Te Peu, a place nestled amidst a fascinating landscape, along cliffs, and where once there was a large village. The tour also takes you to the caves area of Ana Kakenga and Ana Te Pora.

optional route could be to start on the Terevaka hill, a dormant volcano located at the northern end of Easter Island and part of three large cones that form the surface of the island. Continue to Anakena beach, renowned for its warm, turquoise waters and coral sands with the Ahu Ature Huki and Nau Nau as a backdrop.

The full day excursion includes box lunch and ends at your hotel.

Day 2:

After having breakfast, we will start the day walking towards the south until we reach the area of Mataveri O'Tai, and the Ana Kai Tangata cave where you can see ancient rock paintings.

Continuing along the trail, we will arrive to a garden where you will appreciate several endemic plants, this is located at the base of the Orongo hill and next to the CONAF offices. We will go up the path surrounded by eucalypt forests until we reach the Rano Kau volcano. Here you can see inside the volcano and take a look at the diversity of plants and introduced trees located next to a freshwater lagoon.

For the afternoon you will have a jeep adventure. This experience begins in the field of Ahu Tahai, following the path along the west coast, to visit the caves area; Ana iakenga. We will continue by visiting Ana Te Pora, a beautiful volcanic formation of two levels with traces of human occupation. Next, Ahu Te Peu, one of the biggest ceremonial centres in the west coast,,and where you can witness how the islanders used to live.

We will continue along in the same area towards one of the biggest caves: Ana Te Pahu (or bananas caverns), with abundant and varied vegetation, the path continues until reaching the area of Ahu Akahanga. The tour ends at your hotel.

Day 3:

The Rapa Nui adventure is not complete without getting into the sea, so at morning you will do a beautiful navigation along the coast facing Hanga Roa. From that point you can see the Tahai area, caverns opposite to Mataveri and visible only from the sea, before reaching the area called islet Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao.

Later an initiations activity or "baptisms" in diving will be done, which consist on immersions assisted by diving instructors and where there’s no need to have any experience.

This includes a briefing of about 25 minutes, in which the instructor will show the scuba equipment and explain its operation and the basic rules for diving, so you will be prepared to resolve any issue that may come up. In addition, each participant will count on an instructor, who will be with you all the time whilst handling buoyancy, orientation, depth and travel time, depending on the student's abilities and under the PADI standards that determine, for example, the maximum depth of 12 meters for this type of immersion.

Day 4:

Enjoy your last breakfast included at the Hotel, and make the most of these last moments on the island, since at the agreed time, your transfer will be waiting in the lobby of your hotel to take you to the airport where your farewell will include a seashells necklace.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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