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Ushuaia Gourmet - Argentina


Day 1:

- Transport from Ushuaia Airport to Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa Hotel

- Walks in the National Park

Leave the hotel for the station where, as an optional extra you can include a 1 hour historical trip on the Train to the End of the World. Once in the National Park you will visit its main attractions, such as Ensenada Bay on the Beagle Channel, with its view of the Andes Mountains, the Hoste and Navarino Islands (Chile) and the southernmost post office in the world. The tour continues to Lake Roca, also known as Acigami. You take the road to the vantage point looking over Lapataia Bay, where all of America's roads end, and the track to the day mark, where you may see some of the native birds of Tierra del Fuego. Afterwards, transport is provided to take you back to the hotel.

OPTIONAL: Ticket for the Train to the End of the World

- Dinner on board the Akawaia

The port of Ushuaia is the starting point for an adventure to be shared with your partner or friends. The Tierra del Fuego sunset tints the landscape while the Akawaia sails towards the Beagle Channel.

The Andes and the south coast of the islands form the background to a culinary experience especially designed for the occasion. Later, dinner with a difference on board the vessel, with the distinction that characterises Los Cauquenes. Sensations to treasure in a unique environment.

Overnight at Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa Hotel

Day 2:

-Sailing in the Beagle Channel

We sail from the commercial port of Ushuaia for the Island of Alicia on our ship

Akawaia. On the voyage you will see sea birds such as: the Steamer Duck, Cauquenes, Kelp Gull, Grey Gull and Snowy Sheathbill. On Mary Ann Island and Les Eclaireurs Island you may see seals and colonies of Imperial Shag and Rock Cormorant, as well as the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse and part of the wreck of the SS Monte Cervantes, which came to grief in 1930.

As well as the voyage, you will be able to enjoy the finest Patagonian food prepared especially for your pleasure. Make your own history on the southern sea.

- Southern cookery class

During two hours of theory and practice the hotel chefs will reveal the secrets of Tierra del Fuego's most representative dishes, their qualities and the best ways to prepare them. You will make delicious dishes using Tierra del Fuego king crab, caught by artisanal fishermen in the Beagle Channel, and Patagonian Toothfish from the chill waters of the south Atlantic. You will also cook Tierra del Fuego lamb, a typical Patagonian dish, and puddings made from local red fruit.

Overnight at Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa Hotel

Day 3:

- Gourmet picnic on the bay

First, a quiet walk along the Beagle Channel to see the rest of our resort, with the Andes Mountains in the background. Then a stroll through the modern district of Bahía Cauquén.

To finish, a gourmet picnic on the hotel's own beach with its privileged views of the Channel and mountains. Try new flavours that go with the unique scenery: it is an experience that you will remember always.

- Transport from Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa Hotel to Ushuaia Airport



*Private transfer service with guide

* Regular excursions with Spanish / English guide

*Outbound private service without guide

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