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Adventure and nature in Serere Reserve of the bolivian jungle - Bolivia


Day 1. Rurrenabaque – Serere Park

You will start this adventure traveling by boat from the Andes foothills to the forest in the headwaters of the Amazon. During this trip it will be possible to see the region of the last Bolivian nomads. You may also see animals from the region, such as capybara, lizards, turtles, sloths and a big variety of birds. Then, you will hike for 2 hours until you get to the cabins.

We will meet in Casa Grande (main lodge) to have a briefing of the lodge and the trip, where we will also see some of the rescued animals, now in re-insertion process.

Includes: Lunch and dinner

Overnight: Serere lodge

Day 2. Boat trip to San Fernando Lake - Pinky Lake

The day begins traveling across San Fernando lake by boat, where it’s possible to see birds (about 300 species) and animals that live and eat near the lake. Then, on the other side of this lake, start a walk to Pinky Lake passing near a mud and the low flooded forest; watching monkeys, turtles, wild boar and coati. Then, we will return to Casa Grande. By night, you will join us to a navigate the San Fernando Lake to look for alligators.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Overnight: Serere lodge

Day 3. Making handicrafts – Boat trip through San Fernando lake

Learn how to create handicrafts with all the seeds collected during the excursions. Hiking through the trails will let you have a special connection with nature.

In the afternoon, you will navigate across San Fernando River to watch the wildlife, discovering monkeys and alligators. You will enjoy the sunset at the port of this lake.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Overnight: Serere lodge

Day 4. Sunrise sightseeing from Gringo Lake – Agroforestry tour

Early in the morning, we will walk to Gringo Lake to watch the beautiful sunrise. Later, we will cross San Fernando Lake to visit the agroforestry plot, where we will also enjoy its production. This journey continues with a walk through the trails to see the reforestation made in the area. Make yourself comfortable and, if you are lucky, you will see the wild boars rolling in the mud to cool off. Then, we will return to Casa Grande. Finally, in the afternoon we will return to Rurrenabaque.

Includes: Breakfast and lunch

Remark: The mentioned described activities and its order are subject to change according to visitors’ desires.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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