Trekking to Choquequirao: the last Inca stronghold

1 Aug, 2017

Known as “The Cradle of Gold”, Choquequirao was the last stronghold of Inca resistance and is considered by some as the “true lost city of the Incas”. This spectacular trek takes its visitors back in time, transforming their view on everything.

The ruins

Perched on top of a headland, at an elevation of around 10,000 feet (3,100 meters) above sea level and with the Vilcabamba Mountains as backdrop, this huge archaeological complex truly competes with the impressive Machu Picchu. Many even prefer it, as it is possible to enjoy it in relative or even absolute solitude.

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Welcome to the “Death Road”!!!

26 Sep, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Cycling down the Yungas Road, commonly known as the “Death Road”, has become one of the most sought experiences by adventure lovers in Bolivia. This gravel road just outside La Paz winds through the Cordillera Oriental mountain rage, taking its visitors through fantastic landscapes, shifting from the highland mountains to the rainforests, as they descend.

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Charming Guayaquil

19 Sep, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city, yet remains as a rather undiscovered destination. While it used to be seen as unattractive place, the many urban regeneration projects and investment in the development of the city have given Guayaquil a brand new look and feel. Being one of the most modern cities in Ecuador and the commercial heart of the country, it has a very lively atmosphere and a wide array of restaurants, accommodation, shopping and activities in and around the city. Meanwhile, it still preserves much local tradition, offering a perfect mix to its visitors.

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Top Main Squares in Peru

12 Sep, 2017 | Category: Destinations

All Peruvian cities –and even the smallest towns- have a Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor, which is basically the main square. A Plaza de Armas is generally an important cultural and administrative center, featuring a cathedral, the local government’s headquarters, cultural centers, among other major local institutions. Moreover, these plazas often showcase some of the greatest and oldest architecture in town. Here are 5 of the Plazas that no visitor should miss out on visiting while in Peru!

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The greatest ancient ruins in South America

29 Aug, 2017 | Category: Destinations

South America is what one could call an archaeologist’s dream. There are marvelous ruins scattered all throughout the continent, ready to amaze every single one of their visitors... and there are many more still to be discovered. Some are fairly easy to get to and appreciate, while others are slightly tucked away or even require an eagle’s point of view to really get a grasp of them. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive South American archaeological gems!

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Brazil, South American capital of entertainment

22 Aug, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Being the largest country in South America and home to some of the biggest cities in the continent, as well as enjoying a pretty nice climate and having a vibrant, yet warm and welcoming atmosphere, Brazil is truly a superb host for mega events. In fact, some of the major cultural and sporting events are already being held in the country’s largest cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Let’s take a look at what these metropolises have in store for their visitors on the following months.

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Brazil and Argentina: two South American gems

15 Aug, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Brazil and Argentina are two amazing countries that have been alluring visitors for many years. These neighboring South American nations both have some truly interesting vibrant metropolis, such as Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital, and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in Brazil. They also share the worldly renowned Iguazu Waterfalls, World Wonder of Nature. But, while these are places that every visitor should consider in their South American journey, the two countries have something much more valuable to offer: rich and captivating cultures that are contrasting, while sharing some of their most representative cultural expressions, such as dance and food. This post is a brief ode to the cultures of these two South American gems!

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10 reasons to visit Chile

8 Aug, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Featuring an outstanding length of about 4,300 kilometers from the northern to the southern tip, Chile is a remarkably diverse country in every possible sense. With an incredible geography, including places such as the world’s driest desert, all the way down to gigantic glaciers and fertile wine valleys, as well as world-class stargazing opportunities and mysterious ancestral cultures, this country of astonishing contrasts and outstanding natural beauty has something in store for every traveller. Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Chile!

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