Social Responsability

Responsible Travel

Tourism has the potential to create both positive and negative impacts on people and places. At Condor Travel, we are deeply aware of the role we play and take our commitment to responsible travel seriously through how we operate, manage our supply chain, work with local communities and encourage guests’ responsible behavior.

CSR Certication

To guarantee a responsible operation, in Condor Travel Peru and Ecuador we have the Rain Forest Alliance Certification.

Cert IN-2019-1

Wings NGO

In 2007, we became the first tour operator in Peru, to create an NGO of its own, Wings. Its main mission is to turn tourism into a development and empowerment tool for local communities, through initiatives that allow a direct participation from communities, while offering meaningful experiences to our tourists. Wings collaborates with local and international benefits, as well as Condor Travel’s commercial partners, to direct donations and contributions to diverse projects of inclusive tourism.

The Misminay Community

Wings was born as a first responsible tourism project in the community of Misminay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in 2007. We contributed with funding for the construction of the touristic infrastructure and training for members of the community. This first contact became a bond that has gotten stronger throughout the years, through collaborative work in social responsibility projects that benefit 23 local families. The last generations of Misminay have stopped migrating, because in tourism they found an opportunity to enhance their quality of life within their hometown. Throughout the years, Misminay has improved and diversified its touristic product to adapt to the different traveler profiles.

Codigo de Conducta Misminay

Clean water

As part of the improvement of conditions in the location, Wings developed the Clear Drinking Water Project, in collaboration with the local government and the international aid program, “Just a Drop”, for the construction of a water tank and filtration system that allows the distribution of clean and drinkable water for rural families.

Empowering local businesses

Tourism can substantially contribute to the preservation of culture and tradition. This is the case with Qantu, a project carried out by the community of Misminay, that has managed to rescue textile tradition, by re-valuing local culture through tourism, and developing a potential market for its purchase.

Our projects

In 2019, Wings and the CBC NGO, won PNUD funding (United Nations Development Program) to provide technical support to three communities in touristic sustainable development: Vinicunca and Tres Cañones, in Cusco, and Vilacota Maure in Tacna.
In 2020, the Municipality of Maras, where Misminay is located, won public funding for touristic innovation, which will be used to build a fully-equiped astronomic observation dome in the Moray Viewpoint, to develop astronomic touristic experiences. Wings is providing support in the development of this project, which will be complete by 2021.



At Wings we work to reduce and reuse plastic in every aspect.

  1. Zero Plastic: No use of plastic in our operations
  2. Uniforms are made with recycled material
  3. Waste management policy within offices

Corporate Volunteering

We create a space where both workers and tourists, have the chance to contribute to society with their time and effort. The Condor Travel Team is invited to partake in volunteering outings that seek to raise awareness about the importance of playing our part in the environment.


*Preferred by Nature logo for our operations in Peru and Ecuador.


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