Experience the lifestyle in the Valles Calchaquies

5 Days / 4 Nights



Explore the streets of Santiago and experience the magic of Easter Island before traipsing across the spectacular sceneries of the lake region.



The diversity of Chile 8 Days / 7 Nights

Half Day Historic Center & Santa Lucia Hill 


Welcome to Santiago! Upon arrival at the airport you’ll be greeted and driven to your selected hotel. After settling in, we’ll set off on a tour around the main points of interest in the city.

Founded in 1541, Santiago is one of the oldest cities in Latin America. It has an overwhelming vitality and most of the city life of the country happens in its center. The city has beautiful parks and historic buildings of exquisite architectural styles that coexist with modernity. Our walking tour begins in the so-called lungs of the city, known as Forest Park: a huge forest with walkways and scattered works of art, as well as home to the Museums of Contemporary Art and Fine Arts. We’ll the climb the emblematic Santa Lucía hill where you’ll be able to take an incomparable photograph of the city – an unforgettable view. We’ll then head towards the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) with its magnificent buildings, such as the Correo, the National Historical Museum, the Municipality and the Cathedral. We’ll then go through the Palacio de la Moneda complex, which is both the presidential quarters and an important civic center. Finally, we’ll cross Bernardo O'Higgins Avenue or "Alameda", the backbone of the city, boasting with intense commercial, cultural and financial life.

After breakfast at your hotel, tou’ll be transferred to Santiago airport to board your flight to Easter Island. You’ll be met upon arrival and transferred to your hotel in Easter Island to check-in and get ready for our next excursion. 


Half day tour Ahu Akivi excursion 

Today’s tour will allow us to learn about and understand the connection of Easter Island’s ancient inhabitants with the Universe. We’ll visit ceremonial centers erected in the central area of the island during the last construction period of the Moai – the most important in Rapa Nui culture. The three sites we’ll visit are Ahu Huri a Urenga, Ahu Vai Teka and Ahu a Kivi, where seven Moai statues of the same size and shape are found.  These archaeological sites evidence how astronomy determined the disposition of the giant statues on the island and the platforms in which they are held, allowing us to enter into the worldview of the ancient Polynesian navigators who populated Easter Island. Additionally, we’ll visit Puna Pau quarry, where we can find the most attractive Pukao (hats or headgear of red scoria stown that crown the heads of some Moai).

At the end of the tour, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel.


Accommodation in Easter Island

Full Day Tongariki Tour, Rano Raraku Volcano & Anakena Beach 

After breakfast, we’ll set off on an excursion where we’ll be introduced to the process of colonization of the island and the cultural features of the first inhabitants of Rapa Nui. We’ll learn all about the story of Hotu Matu’a, the first king of Rapa Nui, who established a settlement that lasted more than 700 years and is recognized as the most prolific period of the island culture.

Our tour will take us to visit the area where Hotu Matu’a landed and the area where his tomb is believed to be. We’ll begin in the town of Hanga Roa and follow the road along the center of the island – sectos known as Vaitea – heading towards Anakena beach. We’ll visit the famous Tongariki and the Tano Raraku volcano, where a big part of the construction material for the giant statues around the Easter Island came from. Our journey ends returning towards Hanga Roa along the south coast of the island, with amazing views. 


Accommodation in Easter Island

Half day tour Orongo & Volcán Rano Kau Excursion 

We’ll depart after breakfast for a guided tour of some of the most important ceremonial centers of Easter Island. The route will allow us to enter Rapa Nui mythology and learn about important elements of the island’s geography, as well as understand a bit more about the enigmatic history of the ancient inhabitants of this remote part of the planet.

The tour includes rock paintings and archaeological sites of great cultural value, an ascent to the emblematic Rano Kau volcano and an interpretive trail through the ancestral town of Orongo. We’ll also visit the place where the Tangata Manu (Bird Man) competition takes place annually, based on a fundamental legend of the Rapa Nui culture: the myth dictates that the man who captures the first Manutara egg (a characteristic island bird) will be vested with supernatural powers and will have political-military leadership of the island for a year.

At the end of our tour, at a scheduled time, you’ll be transferred to the airport to board your flight to Santiago. Upon arrival at the city, you’ll be transferred to your selected hotel.


Accommodation in Santiago

During the morning you’ll be transferred from your hotel in Santiago city to the airport, to take the flight to Punta Arenas. Upon arrival at Punta Arenas airport you’ll be assisted and taken to the bus terminal to board a bus to Puerto Natales, a three-hour trip. Once in Puerto Natales you’ll be taken to the hotel. 


Accommodation in Puerto Natales

Visit National Park Torres del Paine y Milodón Cave (Full day Tour)


On this full-day tour we’ll get to visit two amazing natural monuments. First, the Milodon cave, one of the most important paleontological sites in South America. It consists of three caves where remains of "milodons" – extinct prehistoric herbivorous mammals of great dimensions – were found. We’ll then continue to Torres del Paine National Park, considered to be among the most beautiful places on the planet. On the way to the national park we’ll enjoy magnificent views of Lake Sofia, the Prat mountain range, Lake Porteño, among other places. A short walk will take us to an observation point, where we’ll see the iconic Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns), and then continue to the Lake Grey sector. After a delicious lunch (not included in the rate), we’ll go to the viewpoint of Lake Nordenskiold, followed by a visit to Lake Amarga. The journey would not be complete without first visiting the Paine Waterfall, a beautiful spot where we’ll see the discharge of milky waters coming from the glaciers and that then end up in the Seno de Ultima Esperanza.

At the end of the tour, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel in Puerto Natales.


Accommodation in Puerto Natales

Visit Balmaceda and Serrano Glacier (Full Day tour)

On our last day in Puerto Natales we’ll embark on an adventure to navigate through the Ultima Esparanza (“Last Hope”) fjord towards Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. Although the main objectives of the tour are the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers, during the journey there we’ll get to know the history of Puerto Natales (Bories National Historic Monument) and we’ll marvel at the beauty and magnificence of the cascades and cliffs of the Condors. As we get closer to Mount Balmaceda we’ll finally see the Balmaceda glacier, an unforgettable sight and proof that there are places in nature that truly surpass the beauty of any photograph. We’ll continue our route to Puerto Toro, where we’ll hike through a native forest of coigües, ñirres and ciruelillos, until getting very close to the wall of the Serrano glacier – an amazing experience. Once back in the boat we’ll enjoy a refreshment served with ice from the glacier. Upon returning to Puerto Natales, we’ll enjoy a typical lunch: a "Magellanic barbecue".


Accommodation in Puerto Natales

At the scheduled time you will be transferred to the Puerto Natales bus terminal to board your bus to Punta Arenas for your flight back.

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