Temuco – Pucon Extensión

4 Days / 3 Nights






Temuco – Pucón Extension 4 Days / 3 Nights



Departure from the Hotel to take the international route to Argentina to the town of Curarrehue 35 km distant from Pucón which is of particular significance to have a Mapuche population of about 70% of La Araucania Lake. On this particular visit the village Andean town Mapuche intercultural Trawupeyüm where there is a major theme of the special shows Mapuche worldview. The Village Museum with varied photographic, displays of Mapuche jewelry made in Silver and a wide display of traditional instruments and type of clothing from our Chilean ethnicity. 

Visitors also receive a guided explanation of the culture and customs of the Mapuche people brave. On one side there is a museum village typical eatery in which you can taste the flavors Mapuche embodied in special preparations such as muday, buns, fruit preparations based on the basis of the original people and is the fruit of the Araucaria pinion inter Ending activity back to Pucón.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Pucón.

Meal included : None.


From the hotel, driving 33kms, east we find the Huerquehue National Park with 12.500 hectares. Huerquehue means path of the warrior. Mountain area of medium slopes, astonishing beauty where we find tortuous routes, hills, monkey puzzle, lenga and other kind of woods. Find very special fauna, like Darwin’s Frog, Culpeo (Andean fox) and the Andean Condor in the upper parts. Huerquehue is characterized by it’s net of footpaths, which have transformed it into one of the favorite parks for the nature and Trekking lovers. It has got innumerous footpaths, such as Los Lagos, with 8.8 kms, 7 hrs there and back, Quinchol, with 5 Km, 4 hrs there and back, Los Huerquenes, with 20.7 Km, 2 days in San Sebastian, with 8 kms, 10 hrs there and back. Ñirrico, with 0.8 kms, 1 hr there and back. Parque National Huerquehue is inserted mainly in the Andean-Patagonic Woods and inside the Araucania Mountain Range. The Park’s most voluminous water streams are Renahue Blanco and Quinchol Rivers. Also, there are several springs, permanently flowing. The presence of 20 lagoons is to be praised, the biggest one of them has got an area of almost 7.5 ha, the most important are: Lake Toro (27,5 ha) and Verde (32.5 ha) and the lagoons: Chica (small), Los Patos (The Ducks), Huerquehue, Escondida (Hidden), Seca (Dry), Clara (Clear), The Avutardas, Angelina, The Condors, amongst others. These water wonders belong to the Tolten’s River threshold in. The Monkey Puzzle tree is common specie in the Huerquehue Park, and it has great ethnic botanic value. The territory in which is distributed coincides with the distribution of the Pehuenche people, they have historically used the piñón (Monkey Puzzle tree seed, kernel), as aliment. In the park, some archeological vestiges, like ceramics, rocky eaves for protection were found, which indicates that there was some kind of human occupation in it.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Pucón.

Meal included : Breakfast and box lunch 


Caburgua is located at 25kms from Pucón. This very special area has got many attractions like woods and mountains, and the Trancura and Liucura Rivers, known to be a great place for rafting and sports fishing. Spectacular views of the three volcanoes: Villarrica, Quetrupillán and Lanín. Caburgua eyes is 2 kms from the Caburgua Lake, here we can observe some waterfalls, great colors and well like pools, shining turquoise water surrounded by typical native Valdivian wood. In this impressively beautiful place, a subterranean river emerges; this is the effluent of Caburgua Lake, 2 kms away. Altitude here is 700 meters above sea level, dimension is approximately 7.700 Hectares, and traditional native Valdivian forest surrounds the area. Locally it’s believed that a big extinguished crater is in the middle of the lake, which Is said to be the reason why one can never find the bottom of the lake. We’ll visit Playa Negra and its scenic attractions, mountains totally covered by native Valdivian woods. Passengers will notice that this lake has got tempered waters, result of hot springs contained in the lake. End of the activity and return to the hotel in Pucón.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Pucón.

Meal included : Breakfast

Breakfast.  At the agreed time, return to Temuco Airport to take your flight to your next destination

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