Madidi (Chalalan Ecolodge) And Pampas

5 Days / 4 Nights



Madidi (Chalalan Ecolodge) And Pampas 5 Days / 4 Nights

Transfer to the airport to take a plane to Rurrenabaque in the morning, at your arrival you will travel by land through Santa Rosa de Yacuma to Caracoles Lodge (3 hours).

In the afternoon, you will travel by boat to observe the wild life in the area: Lizards, turtles, capybaras, pink dolphins, different species of monkeys and countless species of birds. After dinner, boat ride to see the eyes of the lizards with lanterns.


Includes: Lunch and dinner.

Night in Caracoles Lodge - Basic.

Travel by boat across the Yacuma river, seeing yellow monkeys or Chichilos. In the afternoon drive back to Rurrenabaque by land enjoying nature and the landscape. 


Includes: Breakfast and lunch.

Night in the hotel Maya in the Amazon.

You'll travel to Chalalan by boat through the Beni and Tuichi rivers to Chalalan (5-6 hours). Walk through the rich forest toward the lodge (30 minutes). In the afternoon, you will take a walk through a thematic path and return to downtown by canoe. In the evening, a short walk to see the wild nightlife: insects, spiders, amphibians, reptiles, and birds at night.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Night in the Chalalan Ecolodge - Basic.

You'll walk through the Tapacare route or a similar one (3-4 hours). Through the tropical forest you will see birds and mammals. Return to the lodge. In the afternoon, after a short break you will visit "El Mirador" (balcony) so that you can appreciate the beautiful landscape of the Chalalan lake and the great first tropical jungle of the Madidi National Park. In the evening, you will take a tour so that you can see the wild nightlife.


Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Night in the Chalalan Ecolodge - Basic.

Walk to the edge of the Tuichi River to take a boat back to Rurrenabaque (3 hours boat trip). Be alert during the boat ride to see more animals. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport for your return flight to the city of La Paz.


Includes: Breakfast.

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