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The Andean Plateau in Argentina - Argentina


Day 1:

-Transport in a 4-wheel drive vehicle from La Rioja airport to the hotel.

A 3 or 4 star hotel in La Rioja.

Day 2: La Rioja – Londres – Belén – El Peñón

-Excursion to La Costa Riojana, Quebrada de Belén, Cuesta de Randolfo, Laguna Blanca and El Peñón.

Leave La Rioja en route to Aimogasta. You will visit a number of picturesque villages at the foot of the Sierra del Velasco, on the way to the Province of Catamarca. There you will go to Londres, the Inca ruins in Shincal, Belén and the valley of the River Belén before heading towards the Cordillera de los Andes. Your route takes you to El Eje, Puerta de Corral Quemado, Villavil, the Indalecio valley and Barranca Larga. This route ascends the Cuesta de Randolfo up to 3,000 m.a.s.l., where the Laguna Blanca Biosphere Reserve is located, the home of herds of wild vicuñas. In the afternoon you reach the pretty village of El Peñón, gateway to the highland volcanic desert.

Spend the night in El Peñón

Day 3: El Peñón – Antofagasta de La Sierra

-Excursion to Campo de Piedra Pómez and the volcanoes of the Altiplano.

Leaving El Peñón you will enter Campo de Piedra Pómez, an extensive region of sand covered with huge blocks of whitish rock formed over thousands of years from layers of volcanic ash, compacted and broken up. The tour continues to the highland plateau, dotted with numerous volcanoes, such as Carachi, El Jote, Carluchi, Los Negros, La Alumbrera and Antofagasta, among others. They have clearly visible lava streams, looking as if they had just erupted but which have solidified into black basalt rock. You will also visit Pucará de la Alumbrera on the shore of Lake Antofagasta. In the afternoon you arrive at the tiny village of Antofagasta de la Sierra, an oasis at 3.400 m.a.s.l.

Spend the night in Antofagasta de La Sierra.

Day 4: Antofagasta de La Sierra – Antofalla – Tolar Grande

-Excursion to the Salares de la Puna salt flats.

You will leave Antofagasta to see the vast Andean plateau and Sierra de Calalaste, at the foot of the eponymous volcano. The route crosses the Salar de Antofalla to reach the village of the same name at the foot of the Antofalla volcano, 6.420 m.a.s.l. Then you continue north, crossing the boundary with Salta as far as the edge of the Salar de Arizaro and will visit the unusual Cono de Arita, a perfect cone rising from the great salt flat. In the afternoon you will reach the village of Tolar Grande.

Spend the night in Tolar Grande

Day 5: Tolar Grande – Pocitos – San Antonio de Los Cobres

-Excursion to los Ojos de Mar, Salar de Pocitos, Salar de Cauchari and the La Polvorilla viaduct.

Leaving Tolar Grande you continue to Ojos de Mar, the Desierto del Diablo and Paraje, as well as the 7 curves and their captivating views. Then on to Salar de Pocitos and Salar de Cauchari in the Province of Jujuy, skirting the southern side of Tusgle volcano, 5.486 m.a.s.l. Back into Salta, ascending the Chorrillos pass at 4.500 m.a.s.l., before starting the descent and visiting the La Polvorilla viaduct, a huge steel bridge on the line of the famous Train to the Clouds. Finally, in the afternoon you will reach San Antonio de los Cobres.

Spend the night in San Antonio de los Cobres

Day 6: San A. de los Cobres – Salinas Grandes – Purmamarca

-Excursion to Salinas Grandes, Cuesta del Lipam and Cerro Siete Colores. Province of Jujuy.

You will leave San Antonio de los Cobres to traverse the vast altiplano plateau, on the way to the Province of Jujuy. Here you will visit Salinas Grandes, see salt being extracted and get to know the people who extract it. The route then descends the beautiful Cuesta del Lipam, zigzag curves with incomparable panoramic views, and appreciate the mountains' different shapes and colours. This takes you to Purmamarca, a picturesque village of traditional adobe houses with thatched roofs, in an incomparably beautiful setting at the foot of the famous Cerro de los Siete Colores.

Spend the night in Purmamarca or Tilcara

Day 7: Purmamarca – Humahuaca – Salta

- Excursion to the Quebrada de Humahuaca.

You leave your hotel bound for the many scenic and cultural attractions of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, a World Heritage Site. You will cross the Paseo de Los Colorados, Cerro de los Siete Colores, Paleta del Pintor in Maimará, Pucara de Tilcara and the Chapel of Uquia, which contains the Ángeles Arcabuceros (angels depicted with arquebuses), fine paintings from the Cuzco School. You travel north, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, to visit the city of Humahuaca and its historic monuments. You leave in the early afternoon and reach the city of Salta in the evening.

Spend the night in Salta

Day: 8

-Transport in 4-wheel drive vehicle to Salta airport.



- Programme details in 4x4 service.

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