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Jesuit Legacy - Argentina



- Transfer from the Cordoba Airport to the hotel.

- City tour of Cordoba and Jesuit Square.

Founded in 1573, Cordoba is one of the oldest cities in Argentina, and today it is the country’s second largest metropolis, boasting both a historic and modern cityscape.

During the afternoon, you will have a chance to walk through downtown Cordoba to see all the sights: San Martin Square, the City Hall building, the Cathedral, and the shopping district.

Later on, it’s off to Jesuit Square to visit the Church of the Society of Jesus, the President’s House of the National University of Cordoba, and the Monserrat School. As you gaze upon the buildings and walk through the area, it will become evident that the Jesuits had a significant impact on the architectural and historical development of the city.

During the last part of the day, you will board a tour bus and be taken through the surrounding areas: Nuevo Cordoba, Paseo Buen Pastor (shopping mall), Capuchinos Church, Ferreira Palace, and Sarmiento Park, all examples of 19th century architecture.


- Virrey Liniers Museum and the Alta Gracia Jesuit estate + Che Guevara Museum.

Alta Gracia is the location of the day’s excursion to visit one of Argentina’s famed Jesuit estates. There were five of these constructed between 1616 and 1725, and UNESCO inscribed all of them in its World Heritage List in 2000. The city of Alta Gracia was founded thanks to the existence of the estate that is also home to the very interesting Virrey Liniers Museum.

While in Alta Gracia, you will visit Villa Nydia, a chalet that has been turned into the Che Guevara Museum. This is the area where Ernesto “Che” Guevara grew up, and the house has been restored to look as it did when Ernesto was a young boy.


- Visit to the northern Jesuit estates

Today, you are going to head north of Cordoba to visit the Jesuit estates in that region, travelling on a section of the so-called Royal Road (Camino Real del Alto Peru). The three plantations on the schedule are: Jesús María, Caroya, and the Baroque Santa Catalina (the largest of the three). The Jesuits purchased these farmlands to help fund the order in Argentina. Each estate was known for its own agricultural specialty, and the money the Jesuits acquired from the sale of goods was used to support their efforts to educate and evangelize.


The program’s last adventure is a trip to La Candelaria, the most remote Jesuit estate nestled in the hills of the Sierras Grandes. Reaching it implies following trails in this beautiful region with clean air that carries the scent of wild flowers. La Candelaria was the largest of all the plantations, but being in the mountains made it hard to reach and so it was the least visited. The order received it as a donation in 1673. After the Jesuits were expelled from South America in 1767, the farm changed hands many times until it was declared a World Heritage Site.


- Transfer from the hotel to the Cordoba Airport


* Transfers In and Out: Private services with a guide.

* Lodging at Hotel Azur or similar establishment.

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