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Iguazu Falls - Argentina


Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls

Today, you will ride an elevator down to the bottom of the falls, stopping just above the water level. Then, you will cross a 1000 meter footbridge, stopping at different vantage points to soak in the majesty of Iguazu Falls or riding an elevator up to the lookout called "Floreano Falls".

Day 2: Argentine side of Iguazu Falls

Majestic Iguazu Falls, in the heart of a lush tropical rainforest, is one of the planet's largest and most spectacular on account of the river's powerful flow and its more than 275 drops. You will venture into the midst of its drops and falls, following a pathway of raised footbridges, thereby being able to appreciate this wonder from many different angles. The lower circuit puts you so close to the water that you will feel a part of nature and the constant mist will cool you off. At the top circuit, you will stop at different lookouts, climbing until you reach the incredible "Garganta del Diablo", Devil's Throat, undoubtedly the most spectacular of all the falls, whose waters drop more than 80 meters.

Day 3:

Today is a free day; at the scheduled time, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight.

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