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Inca Trail around Lake Titicaca - Bolivia


Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1

You will head out to Copacabana, one of the largest towns on the shores of Lake Titicaca, from either La Paz or Puno, Peru. Afterwards, you will travel to the place known as La Gruta (the grotto), which is the departure point for the Inca Trail leading to the Aymara village of Sampaya and from there a short boat ride to Isla del Sol, sacred to the Incas. On the island, you will visit the Pilkokaina archeological complex and then set off for the day's final destination: the Ecolodge La Estancia.

Day 2

Boat ride to La Chincana / trek on the Isla del Sol

You will board a boat and travel to the northern tip of the island. Back on land, you begin a hike to an Incan archeological center: La Chincana. Later on, you will eat a traditional Bolivian highland lunch consisting of "huatia", a potato dish usually served with cheese, onions, and beef and cooked in an earthen oven (pit roasted).

Day 3

The day begins with a hike to the community of Yumani, the members of which still hold fast to their Aymara traditions, and there you will visit the Inca's Garden and the Fountain of Youth. Once the excursion is completed, it's back to the docks where you will board a boat and sail back to Copacabana. A bus awaits you for the return trip to either La Paz or Puno.

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