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Classic Ecuador - Ecuador


Day 1: Arrival

You will be welcomed at the airport by our representatives and then transferred to your selected hotel.

Accommodation in Quito at selected Hotel.

Meals included: None.

Day 2: Quito Colonial & The Middle of the World

Intiñan Museum During the morning, enjoy a short journey toward the north of the city where you will be able to know the “Latitude 0” of our planet and visit the Intiñan Museum or “Road of the Sun” that shows an incredible, sample of pre-columbian and indigenous view, culture and costumes.

After this visit enjoy a wonderful tour through the streets and main squares of Quito Historic Center, declared by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage in recognition for its architectonic and artistic value. Narrow and sometimes steep streets surrounded of a great exhibition of classic architecture, colonial style houses, gracious flowered balconies, charming squares and more than 50 monumental churches, convents, monasteries cloisters and historic monuments get together at the best preserved historical center in South America.

Accommodation in Quito at selected Hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 3: Full day excursion to the Northern Highlands

The everlasting fertile province of Imbabura is located at 2530 m above sea level. Its magical land, surrounded by lakes, is the cradle of artists, histories and living pre-Inca cultures. The tour stops at Quitsato Complex in Cayambe, located right in the middle of the world. Where you will learn how the ancient cultures lived in the area, defining when to plant and to harvest by observing the sun and the stars. Then, you will visit Peguche, a picturesque little town whose inhabitants are famous for their weaving abilities on hand made looms in vivid colors. You will appreciate their work in textiles and sweaters in amazing colors. You will also visit the House of Instruments, where a wide variety of Andean instruments like the sikus, kenas and charangos may be appreciated.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch in Hacienda.

Day 4: Day Excursion to the Cotopaxi National Park

We will drive South of Quito, through the Avenue of the Volcanoes, towards the Cotopaxi National Park, an ecological sanctuary of 36,000 Hrs. (88,920 acres) surrounding the highest active volcano in the world, There you will observe the treeless vegetation of the Andean meadows or páramo, and its bird life that includes the Andea gull, ducks, several species of hummingbirds. Lunch will be offered on a nearby restaurant or hosteria. In the afternoon, return to Quito.

Accommodation in Quito at selected Hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch in Hacienda.

Days 5: Quito-The Galapagos Islands

Assistance and transfer from the hotel to airport to take the flight to the Galapagos islands. Once arrival in Galapagos and after entrance procedures, assistance and transfer to


Located in the Pacific Ocean, 1000 kilometers from the South American mainland, this Ecuadorian Archipelago, made of 14 major islands and more than 60 smaller islands and islets, surrounded by its Marine Reserve, the world’s second largest, is known as a “Living Laboratory” or “Showcase of Evolution”…

The combination of converging marine currents, a volcanic geological structure and their oceanic isolation has resulted in this “melting pot” of unique species, found nowhere else on earth. Some of the most notorious samples are the marine iguanas, the giant tortoises (called “Galapagos”) and the 13 varieties of Darwin’s finches.

This uniqueness inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, following his visit to the islands in 1835. Since then, they have become a Mecca for scientific investigation. Today, as a strictly protected National Park and the world’s first natural area designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Galapagos are also one of the world’s most fascinating tourist destinations and a true Wonder of Nature…

There are three alternatives to visit the islands on several categories ranging from Standard to Luxury:

  • More than 60 cruise options to enjoy Galapagos, whether aboard a medium or small motor vessel, motorboats, sailing boats & yachts offering cruises of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 nights.
  • Land based programs combining the experience of staying in a hotel in Santa Cruz or San Cristobal Island and take a daily excursion to the nearby visiting sites.
  • Interisland Hopping program, explore the Islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela; each one offer a variety of options of hotels, excursions and activities as: scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, biking and trekking.

Accommodation in Galapagos on Selected option.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner according to Selected Program.

Day 6 or 7: Galapagos-Guayaquil

Departure to the city of Guayaquil, upon arrival you will be assisted at the airport and transferred to the hotel. Then, you will have a brief panoramic scenic excursion of the city, the largest port in the country, gives you a good opportunity to learn about the culture and the customs of the people living in the coastal area of Ecuador.

Accommodation in Guayaquil.

Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 8 or 9: Guayaquil

At scheduled time, transfer to the airport to take your international flight.

Meals included: Breakfast.


All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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