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Tucuman Express - Argentina


Day 1:

- Transfer from the Tucuman Airport to hotel & Tucuman city tour.

Condor Travel is offering you the chance to discover the story of modern Argentina from its very beginnings. We will help you understand the raison d'etre behind the most important moments of its history.

You will visit Independence Square and the surrounding landmarks: the Government Palace, San Francisco Church, the Cathedral, Calle San Martin al 400, La Merced Church, and the Tucuman Historical Museum. Also on the itinerary are stops at the 9 de Julio Park, the Sugar Industry Museum in the former home of Bishop Colombres, and major landmarks around Urquiza Square: the Congress Building, the Casino, the San Martin Theater, and the National School.

We will also tour the Spanish Colonial Belgraniana House which is now a historical recreation of the site where General Manuel Belgrano, who was very important to the history of Argentina, lived. Later, we will take a drive through the tree-lined residential district of Yerba Buena, also known as the City Garden.

- Light and sound show at the Historical Museum

“Tucuman calls on the fatherland…” These were the word of the original program for the Historical Museum’s light and sound show. Every night, the most important moments of Argentine independence are replayed in the patios of the Bazan House, site of the Historical Museum. The tolling of the Bells of Freedom announces the show’s end, and the audience exits the building into the city, which is dressed up for a night out since all the major landmarks associated with independence are lit up to surprise and amaze the visitors.

Lodging at a 3- or 4-star hotel.

Day 2:

Full day Sacred City of Quilmes tour

St. Joseph of Lules ruins, the yungas eco-region, Los Menhires Archeological Reserve, Tafí del Valle and Amaiche del Valle, and the Sacred City of Quilmes.

We will visit the St. Joseph Chapel and Convent, built by the Jesuits in Lules. Afterwards, we will ascend Route 307 to Los Valles, entering the Los Sosa River Valley and stopping at the “El Indio” monument. The road continues to El Mollar, where we will visit the Los Menhires Archeological Reserve. Farther up the road is the charming town of Tafí del Valle; we will continue the ascent, zigzagging up the mountain through the Calchaquies Valleys, until we cross the mountain at the Infiernillo Pass, elevation 3,042 meters.

Another small town that we will visit along the way is Amaiche del Valle, an Indigenous community where Calchaqui Indians live. The beach and surrounding areas are absolutely lovely. From there, we take Route 40 to the Sacred City of Quilmes. The residential zone is located at the lower section of the archeological site, while the main fortress and two smaller citadels on either side hold a commanding view of the area from the mountain top. We will walk about this archeological site, which was the last Indian fort in Argentina to hold out against the Spanish onslaught.

Lodging at a 3- or 4-star hotel.

Day 3:

- Half day yungas excursion

San Javier, Villa Nougues, El Cadillal, Raco, and El Siambon

We start in Yerba Buena on the way to Rinconada, where we begin the ascent through the lush jungles of the yungas ecoregion to Villa Nougues that was constructed on hills and in valleys. A few kilometers away are Loma Bola and San Javier with its own Cristo Redentor statue. In La Cascada, we will trek through the jungle for a bit. Afterwards, it’s onward to Raco and El Siambon, where there is a lovely Benedictine monastery. We end the day at El Cadillal Dam and visit the Archeology Museum.

- Transfer from the hotel to the Tucuman Airport.



- We recommend staying an additional 2 to 3 nights in Salta for a complete journey of the Argentina North.

- Transfer IN: private service with guide

- Transfer OUT: private service without guide

- Tucuman city tour, full day Sacred City of Quilmes, and half day yungas excursions are private services with guide.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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