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Tango Festival - Argentina


Day 1:

- Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel

- La Ventana Dinner Tango Show + Tango lesson

Famous by its incomparable nightlife and land of Carlos Gardel, Buenos Aires offers to its own people and visitors countless culinary and artistic experiences. With all tango’s glamour - music that represents the so-called “Reina del Plata” — we will enjoy the night just how porteños do: enjoying the magic of a town that never sleeps and the charm of its unstoppable music, the star of the night, at the same time we enjoy the best of its diverse gastronomic offer.

Accommodation at the thematic hotel

Day 2:

- City Tour around Buenos Aires with visit to Tortoni Cafe

You will have all the porteña magic on a tour through the neighborhoods of La Recoleta and Palermo, Colón Theater (recently recycled), Plaza de Mayo, the Cathedral and the Congress. In the typical Av. de Mayo, the Tortoni Cafe, founded in 1858, immerses us in the history with its upholstered walls of souvenirs. The old cafe — cradle of the legendary Peña led by the artist Quinquela Martin and the place chosen by writers of the stature of Alfonsina Storni — keeps in excellent condition the decoration of its early years and is an important center of cultural diffusion. We will finish this tour in the old San Telmo, the Calle Caminito en la Boca and the Puerto Madero area. The Sundays include the visit to the San Telmo Fair.

- Tango lessons

Duration: 1 hour

You will feel and enjoy the authentic Argentinian Tango where the fulfilled and well-known Argentinian dancers will introduce you to the fine art of Tango.

- Winetasting in El Querandí

We will visit the main production areas selecting the most representative grapevines of each region.

-Argentinean northwest: Torrontes with Empanadita Salteñas.

-Patagonia: Pinot Noir with Crostín de Hongos.

-Cuyo: Malbec with Pincho de Ternera.

-Car available for Tango Festival (18 to 31 August)

TANGOBA FESTIVAL & WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP shall be carried out from 18 to 31 August 2016 in Buenos Aires city. This event is an international competition between tango dancers held annually since 2003.

Tango Buenos Aires summarizes a passion that year by year increases its followers not only in Argentina but also in the world. The development, projection and significance of Tango in the world has enabled that in December 2009 was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by decision of the UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee.

Thousands of people from all over the world come into the city to participate and enjoy the various activities offered at this event. Soon will be published the program of activities.

Accommodation at the thematic hotel

Day 3:

- Tango Tour around Buenos Aires city

This tour draws a parallel between the city’s history and the history of tango by touring the different stages of its development, since its birth in the suburbs, passing through its recognition in Corrientes Avenue until its subsequent internationalization.

Our visit begins in the Tango National Academy where we’ll make a tour through its history, legends and anecdotes. Then we’ll move to San Telmo where we will enjoy an authentic tanguero appetizer in the well-known Cafe Dorrego.

Then we’ll move to La Boca, a working-class harbor district where the bulk of Italian immigration of Genoese origin in the late 19th century had settled. There we visited one of its typical tenements, common buildings where many people lived in crowded conditions, with different backgrounds but twinned in poverty.After passing through the Corriente Street, we’ll visit the Palais de Glace where the aristocracy started dancing tango. Then we’ll visit the Abasto, neighborhood of Carlos Gardel. We’ll visit there the house where he lived, recently declared national historical patrimony, and the fascinating Pasaje Zelaya where there are murals painted by the plastic artist Marino Santa Maria in honor of Zorzal Criollo.

- Tango lesson

Duration: 1 hour

- Milongas night tour around Buenos Aires city

In recent years, resulting from the boom of tourism and renewed interest in tango by “porteño” young people, it has been revitalized the itinerant circuit of milongas: establishments where people of different ages, origin and social classes dance the most authentic tango until late at night. Each milonga has its own days of operation, its dance style and defined public. We’ll visit two yet to be defined, according to the day of the tour contract.

Day 4:

- Car available for Tango Festival

Enjoy the different events organized in the city for tonight.

Day 5:

- Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport



* Transfer IN: in private service with guide.

* Dinner Tango Show in La Ventana (shared) + tango lesson (shared). Includes drinks.

* City tour in private service with guide.

* Tango lessons in private service. Includes transfer (only driver).

* Winetasting in El Querandí in shared service with the sommelier (Spanish/English). Includes private transfer (only driver).

* Car available without guide (4 hours)

* Milongas Tour in private service with guide. Entrance included to Milongas.

* Transfer OUT: in private service (only driver).

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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