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Luxury tour of Buenos Aires - Argentina


Day 1: Alvear Palace Hotel, La Recoleta, La Biela and Palermo

Your first stop of the day is the Alvear Palace Hotel to delight in a relaxing massage. Afterwards, you will head off towards La Recoleta for a sightseeing tour of its famous cemetery filled with mausoleums and statues. Next on the list is La Biela, a famous café in this neighborhood and site where you can really take in the essence of this traditional quarter of Buenos Aires. You will also visit another important sector of the city: Palermo, walking through its parks and past its mansions.

Day 2: City Tour and the Café Tortoni

Today's itinerary begins with a tour of the city's Main Square and its major landmarks. Later on, you will ride Buenos Aires' oldest subway line to the famous Café Tortoni, built in 1858. It is an institution of this port city where celebrities, politicians, and intellectuals, the likes of Jorge Luis Borges, have eaten. Next, you will engage in some tango lessons in the neighborhood where the dance was born: San Telmo. Your final destination is the tango bar, Gala Tango, where you will be treated to a dinner and tango show, enjoying the best food and music this city offers.

Day 3: Polo Lessons

Enjoy a day of polo at a classic Argentine ranch where you will watch an exhibition match and even take some private lessons. Make the most of your time in the country, feasting on the delicious meats prepared at a traditional barbecue that are also served with choice Argentine wines.


Shopping at the San Telmo Flea Market
If you so choose, you can go shopping for antiques at the famous San Telmo Flea Market, located in Plaza Dorrego. Just being there is an experience in and of itself, and everything there is a bargain.

The life of Evita Peron
You are going to see the most representative stage where the beloved Evita left her mark. First, there is Plaza de Mayo and the Rosada House that features the famous balcony where Evita spoke to the people. Next, there is her tomb in the Recoleta Cemetery and the museum dedicated to her life, out of which the Eva Peron Foundation operates, offering a refuge for single mothers.

Wine tasting in La Cava del Querandi
This exquisite experience includes wine tasting and a dinner at the Cava Querand, the perfect restaurant that makes for an unforgettably night in the city of Buenos Aires. You will travel through Argentina's main wine producing regions, sampling the flavor of each one of their varieties.

Regional wine tasting
On this journey, we combine the best food and wines from Argentina's three wine producing regions: Salta: Torrontes with this region's traditional turnovers, Patagonia: Merlot with mushrooms, onions, and Parmesan cheese on toast, and Cuyo: Malbec with grilled sirloin, red peppers, and onions. Matches made in heaven.

The flavor of Malbec
Sample three of the best malbecs from the Mendoza region and take part in blind wine tasting and enjoy a wine and cheese party.

Barbecuing lessons at Quincho Santo Domingo
You will learn how to prepare a traditional Argentine barbecue at the perfect spot for doing so: the Quincho Santo Domingo room at La Ventana tango bar, in the borough of San Telmo. It is located at the top of the building, and your hosts are the wood, the bricks, and the huge grill. Visitors also have a privileged view of the Santo Domingo Convent, hence the room's name. When it's, time to eat, don't pass up the exquisite turnovers and the best wines that are offered.

Buenos Aires from the air
This trip promises you the best view of the city of Buenos Aires: from the air onboard a helicopter. Choose your route: number 1 flies over Palermo, La Recoleta, El Retiro, Puerto Madero, downtown, and La Boca. Route 2 flies over El Tigre, las Barrancas de San Isidro, the outskirts of the capital, the districts of Martinez, Vicente Lopez, and los Olivos as well as over downtown, Palermo, La Recoleta, El Retiro, Puerto Madero, Plaza de Mayo, the Obelisco, and La Boca.

All of our adventure programs are inspired by destinations that evoke mystery and are charged with mystical energy. Our brand, Liv, Condor Travel is always on the lookout for the best routes on each journey.

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