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“Avenue of the Volcanoes”: Riobamba and Cuenca - Ecuador


Day 1: Arrival

You will be welcomed at hte airport by our representatives and then taken to your hotel. Once there, they will provide you with a package of docuemnts, a detailed explanation of the program, and assistance with your luggage and hotel registration.

Day 2: Quito - City tour

A wonderful tour through the streets and main squares of Quito Historic Center, first city in the world to be declared by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage in recognition for its architectonic and artistic value. The city tour will take you through narrow and sometimes steep streets streets surroundedof a great exhibition of classic architecture, colonial style houses, gracious flowered balconies, charming squeares and more than 50 monumental churches, convents, monasteries , clistersn and historic monuments , all located at the best preserved historical center in Latin America.

Day 3: The Valley of Baños and Riobamba city

Depart from Quito towards the South, through the Avenue of the Volcanoes, as described by Alexander Von Humboldt (1802), towards the valley of Baños, surrounded by green tones and cascades due to its proximity to the Ecuadorian Amazonia. After lunch, continue the journey towards the city of Riobamba placed in the “heart of the Andes”, at the base of the Chimborazo, the highest volcano of Ecuador.

Day 4: Ingapirca fortress

At the right time, continue your journey to the south towards the city of Cuenca where the high volcanoes and snow-capped mountains disappear and transform themselves into a fascinating vision of rocky mountains, hills and slopes of varied beauty. This geographically most antique part of the Ecuadorian Andes has stunning landscapes, rocky formations, valleys and subtropical or of high moorlands. The fields and colorful small towns along with the gastronomic specialties will surprise you as well as the local way of living, their traditions and popular festivities. On the way, you will visit the archeological complex of Ingapirca, the most important Inca building preserved in Ecuador; a fortress that shows the Inca’s amazing architectonic skills.

Day 5 : Cuenca

You will visit the city of Cuenca that is the principal icon of the Southern Andes and the third biggest and populated city in Ecuador. Cuenca preserves its rich colonial past in its narrow streets, white houses with colorful balconies, churches with domes and majestic towers; convents, museums, plazas covered by flowers and monuments, surrounded by green hills and mountains, along with four rivers that cross or go around the city. Cuenca was declared as Cultural Heritage of Humankind by UNESCO due to its beauty and history.

Day 6 : Departure

At the right time you will be taken to the airport to take your international flight or your connection with the following destination,

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