Embarking on an ocean or river cruise in South America is a magnificent way of exploring unique landscapes and enjoying otherwise unlikely wildlife encounters. Top cruises provide access to remote regions across the continent, navigating majestic Amazon rivers, breathtaking Patagonia and the exciting Galapagos Islands.

Sea and river cruises in South America range from larger ships to more intimate vessels, catering to diverse traveler styles. At the southernmost tip of the continent, cruises travel between Argentina’s Ushuaia region and Chile’s Punta Arenas in Patagonia, navigating imposing glaciers and allowing opportunities to come face to face with penguins and sea lions. In the Amazon, cruises meander along the world’s longest river through astonishing rainforest views, where caiman bask on river banks and colorful birds fly across the forest canopy. Cruising around the Galapagos is the perfect way to see the great variety of exotic wildlife found across the different islands, while special dive vessels provide unique exploring opportunities to travelers with experience.

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